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MBFWRussia, Day 2

I'm sorry for postponding my posts of fashion weeks even longer! Here is my report on second day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia for me. There was just one fashion show this day both physically and emotionally I was all for Yulia Kosyak Fashion show. Last season I have been fortunate to attend to her show and there was no way I could miss it this season. Her styles are addictive let along the wonderful 'show' part of her fashion show. Yes if you go to look for Yulia Kosyak fashion show on MBFWRussia be ready to be impressed not only by the styles. Wonderful music, always changing mood, sections of fashion show divided by the ideas and message, male and female, more arty clothes mixed with everyday styles... Pure perfection. I'll do my best to show Yulia Kosyak fashion show through my eyes.
But before I let you go I'll give you some names. Werewolf family. The closest name ever to Yulia Kosyak. The musicians, people I by the way often listen to now. Andrey Pereverten (his Instagram) is the composer of the first part of the show and fantastic marvelous woman of fire RocknRolla Ksenia (her Instagram) as well as Gurude also known as Ruslan Ivakin the maestro, composer and lead singer for second part of the fashion show. By the way, as for Music Max and I both loved each part but he loved second more while I loved first a little more. Even better when you see and listen to it together.
Русский перевод под изображением.

RU: Приношу свои извинения за задержку в публикации моих рассказов о Неделях Моды дольше, чем планировалось. Сегодня я поубликую ещё только второй день Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia для меня.  В этот день для меня и физически, и эмоционально сущствовал только один показ - показ бренда Yulia Kosyak. В прошлом сезоне мне довелось посетить её показ, поэтому в этом сезоне я никак не могла пропустить её шоу. Да, если вы оказываетесь на показе бренда Yulia Kosyak будьте готовы впечатлиться не только стилем. Прекрасная музыка, всегда сменяющееся настроение, показ, поделенный на секции идеями и посланием, мужское и женское, более художественная, креативная одежда, а так же одежда на каждый день... Чистый идеал. Ниже я постараюсь показать показ мод бренда Yulia Kosyak моими глазами.
Но перед тем, как я позволю вам увидеть показ, я поделюсь с вами парой имён. Werewolf family. Самое близкое имя, которое вы услышите в паре с именем Юлии Косяк. Музыканты, люди чью музыку, кстати, я регулярно слушаю сама. Андрей Перевертень (его Instagram). композитор первой части и великолепная и непревзойденная женщина-огонь RocknRolla Ксения (её Instagram), а так же Gurude так же известеный как Руслан Ивакин, маэстро, композитор и солист второй части показа. К слову, хотя и мне лично, и Максу очень понравились обе музыкальные части, каждый из нас отдал своё сердце в большей степени одной из них: ему больше приглянулась вторая, а я осталась влюблена в первую. Вот и ещё один бонус как показа, так и совместного просмотра.

 I wanted to go for total red outfit for long time but never had the chance. There was always something: weather, event, myself - everything felt not right. That day I decided it was good to wear and went with total red for the fashionshow. I felt wonderful, a total diva!
RU: Я давно хотела выгулять какой-нибудь образ полностью в красном, но у меня никак не выходило. Всегда что-то было не так: погода, событие, я сама - все казалось каким-то неправильным. Этот день я всё же решилась и пошла на показ в полностью красном образе. Я чувствовала себя великолепно, настоящая дива!

Have a nice day,

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  3. I've never been to a fashion show but have seen many posting of them. I like how the designer has pieces that can be worn both casual and has statement pieces as well. Also your red blazer, I love how you're wearing it just casually of the shoulders with such a formal red dress giving and aire of effortlessly put together.

  4. I love all of the pictures! I've never been to a fashion show before, but I definitely have the interest to!

  5. The fashion show looks great, I can see some really beautiful outfits there. You have chosen a perfect outfit for this event, red will always make you stand out from the crowd.

  6. What a beautiful collection!
    Your red outfit is so gorgeous, Lyosha <3


  7. What an amazing experience. I've only been to London fashion week but I loved the buzz and vibe. These outfits are amazing, so fun! Glad you finally got to rock the red outfit!

  8. Never been to an actual fashion show like this. And Wow! at those pics. Those outfits are quite eye catching. Glad you got the red on!

  9. Loving the look of fashion week. Also, looks like that you really dressed to impress and pulled of the red very well :) x

  10. I've never been to a couture fashion show, I'd love to one day, just for the experience. It looks like fun even though most people will never be able to wear/or afford these fashions.

  11. That red dress is very beautiful. I’ve never been to fashion show before but this post has made me want to go so much more.

  12. Your outfit is very cute! The fashion show looks amazing! Very creative designs!

    -Nicole V.

  13. your whole outfit is totally on point, but those boots are my favorite part! Love them!

  14. How cool is this! Look so amazing.I wish I was as cool as you!

  15. Wow this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is such a great event. I would love the beautiful outfits there. It's really great to watch Fashion like this.

  16. Your outfit was great! Thanks for letting us experience the show through your photos!

  17. Some of the outfits reminded me of things I wore as an ice skater! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing on the runway. It's been ages since I attended a show though. You looked great, btw :0

  18. I love your red outfit, perfect for a fashion show! I've never been to a runway show but it sounds fun!

  19. The red pantsuit looks amazing .....never been to a fashion show but this looks quite interesting!

  20. These looking pretty dresses, if there was more picture of it that would be dope to know more dresses and suits.

  21. I would love to go to a fashion show like that at some point. It looks really cool!

  22. This is such a great event. I am so glad that you attended it, Photos looks great and love the red on red in you.

  23. The fashion show sounds so fabulous, I like the collection. You look absolutely amazing in that red dress.

  24. I love your outfit!Super cute! The clothing in the fashion show look amazing. I would love to go to a fashion show one day.


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