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Not so serious

Elements of fun are very much needed in everyday life. No matter what it is - funny ring, a brooch or hair pin it's important to know when to laugh. I do like adding some smile into my outfits. Today is the post I haven't done for ages! It's a simple outfit post! It's an outfit I wore for some event or for travels. It's just an outfit I wore. Comfortable, simple and smiley.

My hairpiece is from Bornpretty and I just love it! It's very light despite the size so I find it perfect to add. very nice elastic there as well.

I was wearing:
c/o Bornpretty hairpin
Arny Phrant (russian brand) backpack
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Uniqlo jeans
6 dollar t-shirt

Have a nice day,

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  1. how fun are those earrings! Loving the look . . . thanks for stopping by my blog and being my newest follower I NOW AM ALREADY YOURS :)

    Life is just Rosie

  2. pena que não falo sua língua, mas adorei seu blog....bjs

    ★Blog Brilho das Estrelas★

  3. Cute outfits!
    Areli's April (I'm now following you on bloglovin, don't forget to follow me too!!)

  4. Hi Lyosha, thank you for visiting my blog and for following, I'm following back.


  5. Иногда не стоит слишком серьезно относиться к своему образу))
    Спасибо за предложение дружбы, подписалась на твой блог

  6. Иногда мне кажется, что в образе главное улыбка)


  7. Una pasada de post. La verdad. Me encanta. Un besazooo.

  8. I like your comfortable outfit. Thanks for following!

  9. Hi beauty!
    What a great outfit, in love with the tee!
    Maggie Dallospedale

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I like yours too.
    This outfit looks great!

    I am following you now on gfc.
    Kathy's delight

  11. You look so adorable and pretty Lyosha! Kisses! xo

  12. Very nice look and post ;)
    I really like your blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC ?
    Let me know on my blog, and ill follow you back ;)

  13. Nice outfit :)
    Lovely this photos:)
    Smile *-* ;)
    Have a nice day^^


  14. Lovely look, this outfit is soo cool!
    new post
    Thechilicool Facebook Instagram

  15. Nice outfit!
    And so much snow!
    Have a nice evening

  16. I loved that look, simple but so cute. And how much snow, a dream.


    Blog | Fanpage

  17. You look so cool! I really like this t-shirt!

    yes, we can follow, I have already started (#1576)


  18. I like this outfit,it looks so comfortable:)

    Minnah's Life

  19. You are gorgeous :)
    thanks for your comment in my blog. I was already following you (I unfollowed and followed again for you to see)

    Follow me back :D

    Walking Freckle

  20. Thanks a lot :D

    nice combo dear :D love your bag :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  21. Great post dear! ♥
    I follow you, please follow me back, kiss

  22. Gorgeous outfit! You look so pretty!

  23. very beautiful look, so cool accessories
    new review on my blog <<< wallet cases for iphone >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  24. I like comfortable outfits.

  25. красивая и яркая заколка! но зимой в футболкеееее, я все трушусь когда в свитере пытаюсь сделаю фото))))))))

    1. мне плохо и в свитере, и в футболке, а потому... какая разника, хехе!

  26. Like this basic outfit with a touch of color in accessories...looks cool and equilibrate!

  27. I rarely wear hairpiece but that one looks so cute on you! :) Pretty nice !



  28. you have such beautiful boots.You look fabulous

  29. Интересно! Как же ты не замерзла по фотографировалась!)) Я бы не смогла в футболке зимой сделать фото, я мерзлявая)))

    1. надо признать, что фотографии делались в +2, ну и на пару секунд, серьезно! Мне кажется, это даже хорошо - закаляемся!

  30. You look so cute. Great post.

    Thanks for following my blog. Followed u back :)

  31. Great smile!! I like your t-shirt so much! Have a nice day!

  32. You asked for follow - I'm following. ~1579
    I'am waiting for your follow :)


  33. You look nice :) You asked about following each other :) I followed you :)

  34. love your boots! xO!


  35. Gorgeous!
    I love your blog! Maybe we can follow to each other?
    Let me know. :)

  36. Such a great and funny look!!!



  37. ¡Hey! Your blog is cool, now i am following you, i hope you have time to visit mine, and follow me back (-:

  38. Definitely a quirky hair tie - it's good not to take things too seriously!
    Chic on the Cheap

  39. such an amazing look!


  40. Dear Lyosha, this outfit is wonderful. I really like how this looks on you.
    It's very simple but very special combination. Love it.


  41. Love your casual look!
    That hairpiece is so nice!!


  42. Śliczny Blog :)
    Bardzo fajnie się go czyta :3
    Co powiesz na wspl obs ? :)

  43. Loved your hair pin - It looks really cute !!



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