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MFW, day 3

Moscow Fashion Week finished last weekend. But it didn't finish on my blog pages. We still have some shows to 'witness' and discuss. Today I want to tell you about my third day, a day I have attended to fashion shows with my husband. I am so blessed with fashion loving and supportive husband! He got to see one of the best shows on Moscow Fashion Week, Endea (styled by Ivanova designer). The show featured irregular models, cats from cat shelter, opened for adoption.

It wasn't all I saw that day. Endea was my main focus but I always experienced festival with lots of young designers battling for their projects. I was excited to see tons of creativity on the catwalk.

Happy Weekend Inspiration

I just came back from my short trip to Kazan and today is my husband's birthday. I love you so much, my dear Max! I am forever thankful I have you. You are my universe and more.
Can you imagine how happy and festive I am? I also going to see some fashion shows today so I am even more exciting with everything now. How cool is that! I really want to share my joy with you but I don't have my photos sorted and I basically wanted to make a sort of quick post. And it is also weekend morning. Ideal time for me to make an inspirational post. I won't hesitate and will share it with you. To inspire you this special to me weekend I will choose a festive subject I already decided upon. But I don't want to rush so I will start with brief introduction. I will inspire you today with wonderful shop I spend quite a number of time browsing. I hope you are not bored of their wonderful dresses because I am not. Lets head to 27dresses I think festive and happy weekend for me must be refle…

MFW, day 2

I am always happy with fashion shows. Each fashion show is unique in its way, I can never say 'no' to seeing some new designs in person. Second day on renovated Moscow Fashion Week was more regular to me but not less exciting for me. I couldn't help myself and went to check new seasonal collections from designer I knew long and well enough to be excited to check the changes - Anastasia Kuchugova (Kuchugova design) and fashion show by Alena Nega which is my second show by her. I didn't regret going and seeing both shows.
Kuchugova's fashion show was filled with elegance, fantastic hats and lovely patterns. The collection was all Jazzy and very hip. I loved the music, it made want to dance.

Alena Nega's fashion show was super exciting to me. Elegant, darling gowns, not too sexy, not too much. These are dresses I could wear for any event and feel properly dressed.

Saltovets and Pablovsky kids fashion show was as cute as any kids fashion show. Lovely, wearable and…