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MFW, day 2

ENG: Moscow Fashion Week is an important event in Moscow and in Russia generally. There are a lot of nice smaller brands there as well as a big selection of kids fashion. There is even a whole day dedicated to them. My second day on MFW was definitely nice. I enjoyed watching the two show I was aiming for.
RU: Неделя Моды в Москве - это важное событие в можной жизни Москвы и России в целом. Множество небольших брендов показывают свои уникальные коллекции, а так же огромное количество детских брендов. На детские показы даже выделен целый день! Мой второй день на Moscow Fashion Week определенно был приятным. Я посмотрела два показа, которые и собиралась посмотреть.

ENG: The first one of the day was by kid's brand Choupette. It is so cute and wearable and I really enjoyed the singing. The whole fashion show was more of show than usually and I really liked that part.
RU:  Первый показ дня для меня был представлен маркой детской одежды Choupette. Очаровательные и носисые в обычной жизни наряды, а так же отличные приглашенные взрослые. Мне очень понравилось пение. Вообще, весь показ имел основательную "шоу" составляющую, что мне определенно очень по душе.

ENG: Second was filled with designs from Olga Grinyuk. I have never seen the creations of this designer before so I was very curious. I am sure this collection sells well in Russia, I know a lot of women who are over the moon with such styles.
RU: Вторым же был показ Ольги Гринюк. Ранее я никогда не видела её дизайнов, поэтому мне было крайне любопытно. Я уверена, что коллекция неплохо продается, ведь я знаю множество женщин по всей стране, кто просто обожает такой стиль.

ENG: I was comfortable and relaxed that day too. I went for a sweater and comfy velvet pants. Honestly I was intentionally keeping it simple. For me MFW has a feeling of home which makes me feel relaxed. The shows of that day made feel as if I had some distant relatives visiting me.
RU: Выглядела я под стать моему состоянию в тот день: расслабленно и удобно. Я выбрала забавный свитер и вельветовые брюки. Если честно, я специально старалась сделать всё простим. На Неделе Моды В Москве меня не оставляет ощущение дома, которое буквально-таки заставляет меня расслабляться. Показы в тот день заставили меня чувствовать себя так, будто мои дальние родственники приехали погостить.

I was wearing:
c/o Wholesale7 sweater
Monki pants
DKNY bag
Marc by Macr Jacobs shirt
c/o Bornpretty earrings
Mpodium shoes
Mango coat 

Have a nice day,

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  1. Cool fashion! Love your style.

  2. I love your outfit today, girl!! And some of those floral dresses are just so stunning <3

  3. Oh, I love these designs! Very refreshing to see such lovely things from Moscow! Also, love that shark shirt!

  4. Love the colours in your outfit, and that shark knit is so fun! :) I like seeing your fashion week photos, you see a lot of great shoes! I really like the floral creations in the second show :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We are enjoying the warmer summer-like weather!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I love that shark sweater soo much! I must get one for myself!

  6. I love your outfit! And I also love the two collections you saw - even the one for kids has some super cute designs I wish were for grown ups

  7. -Chastity I enjoy fashion week as well in NYC. It’s exciting to see how they do it there (MFW) very similar. I love the kids collection very cute. And your Mango coat is fabulous!

  8. Once again you have nailed it. Lyosha out of all I love your outfit. You are dazzling.

  9. The shark outfit is super cool! I always get inspired for my jewelry by fashion week!

  10. How adorable! Love that they have kids attending the fashion show. I still have not attended one. Hope to attend a fashion show next year.

  11. So many amazing fashions that were showcased at this fashion show. I wish that I could pull off some of these looks.

  12. I have never been tried to attend in a fashion show event but I am glad that they also include the kids fashion in this event.

  13. i want your sweater so bad! it's really cute!

  14. Thank you for bringing Moscow's Fashion Week to us. Loving your outfit, and the kids look cute in their mini dresses and suits.

  15. Omg so many cute looks!! I could see my daughter wearing a few of these

  16. wow .. it is looking so beautiful.
    Loved the dress

  17. I love that long floral dress with the white hat, oh my!! It's perfect!! Happy new week to you lovely x

  18. Loving the looks here, they're great! It's awesome to see some style outside of the mainstream FWs.

  19. I love all these outfits and it looks like a lot of fun. The little ones are so adorable bless them :)

  20. Love to experience that too. It seems really unforgettable
    happy moment.

  21. Your style is unique. I love it. The fashion show also looks lit. Thanks for sharing

  22. Wow what a fab show. I love that all the outfits look like real people could wear them in public. Love the kids modelling too - such confidence!

  23. Moscow Fashion Week sounds absolutely fabulous! I loved the kids' fashion show. They all looked adorable

  24. I love your sweater, and collars of the shirt are so lovely!!
    Kids are all pretty and their posing is so great <3


  25. I loved the children's portion of the show. They seemed so savvy and confident.

  26. This is such a great and awesome fashion show. Such a great experience for those who watched this.

  27. Oh wow, I have never chance to watch such an amazing fashion show. The collections are so fabulous,

  28. Lovely sweater Lyosha ! This year i've been so busy i did not attend a single event for my local FW.

  29. As a mom, I tend to never care about my own fashion. We are on a tight budget, so Momma goes out looking like a hobo, while the kid looks so stylish. I love the kids line, it looks so fun and cute!

  30. I love the kid fashion ideas. Very stylish and modest.

  31. What an adorable fashion show! How adorable are these outfits.


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