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Al Arabia Fashion Days, day 2

ENG: Final Fashion day of Al Arabia Fashion Days joy. I really enjoyed being able to watch so many various fashions from various countries all in one. But my personal favorite, my best Cherry on top was fashion show by Atelier Zuhra. It was so elegant, so feminine, so graceful and so beautiful I couldn't help but try not to blink. It was the fashion show I expected to see during Al Arabia Fashion Days.
RU:  Последний день на Al Arabia Fashion Days был полон удовольствия. Я было интересно смотреть и сравнивать большое количество разнообразный дизайнов из разных стран в одном месте, в одно время. Но моим личным фаворитом, моей вишенкой на торте всего мероприятия оказался показ Atelier Zuhra. Очень элегантный, женственный, грациозный и такой красивый, что я старалась моргать пореже! Это был такой показ, который мне хотелось увидеть в ходе Al Arabia Fashion Days.

ENG: Other fashion shows were very impressive too. Evoshka style and Aristocrat Kids added a lot of cuteness on the catwalk. Both brands were lovely and I am sure any kid would love to wear their attires.
RU:  Другие показы тоже были весьма примечательны. Evoshka style и Aristocrat Kids добавили много очарования подиуму. Обе марки были милыми, и я уверена, практически любой ребёнок был бы рад примерить на себя эти образы.

ENG: Nair Arutyunyan Couture showed some impressive gowns to highlight your sexy diva part.
RU:  Nair Arutyunyan Couture продемонстрировали вечерние платья, которые подчеркнут твою внутреннюю сексуальную диву.


ENG: And final for me but not overall absolutely beautiful Atelier Zuhra. I am not big on wearing gowns actually, I am more of relaxed or preppy styles but those gowns I desperately wanted to wear and wear now. It is just looks perfect for me. Too perfect to tell the truth. You just have to see it,
RU:  И финальное для меня, но не для всех дефиле прекрасной Atelier Zuhra. Если честно, я не большая любительницы именно носить длинные вечерние платья, я отдаю предпочтение более расслабленным или строгим образам, но это были те платья, которые мне сразу же захотелось надеть и надеть сейчас же. Они выглядят просто идеально для меня. Даже, наверно, слишком идеально. Просто посмотрите сами.

ENG: As for my outfit I went for pretty basic and super comfortable dress from Maje. I love this one for being able easily transform from day to night, being both warm and light enough, for wonderful neckline and interesting material. It is one of my on to go styles for more or less formal event.
RU: Я выбрала простое и очень удобное платье от Maje для этого вечера. Мне очень нравится его способность легко и просто трансформироваться из дневного в вечернее по целчку пальцем, а так же то какое оно одновременно тёплое и лёгкое, когда надо, а интересный материал и расивая линяя шеи делают это платье особенным. Оно - один из моих простых вариантов того, что можно быстро и легко выбрать практически на любой случай жизни.

P.S. Nailya, Yuliya It was so much to hang out with you girls!

I was wearing:
Maje Dress
Nero Giardini shoes
Longchamp bag


Have a nice day,

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  1. So beautiful! You look fantastic, and what a beautiful building the show was in. The long flowing dresses are my favourite - stunning :)

  2. nice dresses! love the black gowns and the kids are too cute. i also love your outfit, very victoria beckham ;)

  3. Gorgeous looks, the children are precious!! You looked marvellous x

  4. The Al Arabia Fashion event sounded great and love the photos you took x

  5. Those are all such awesome outfits. I love fashion like this that a woman could actually wear out in the world. I've seen pieces at shows for both men and women that would get a person laughed off the street.

  6. Those dresses are absolutely stunning!

  7. Lovely garments! I adore plaids and so this made me very happy. That red plaid pants suit...sigh. Bring it to me!

  8. What a fun show! Those kids outfits were nice, i’d Love a matching outfit with my daughters! All the dresses were stunning, and the building was also magnificent!

  9. Gorgeous outfits! I love seeing new fashion and trends - I need all the inspiration I can get!

  10. Your outfit for the show is absolutely gorgeous and super stylish! I love the styles you saw on the runway, such beautiful clothing!

  11. Your style is always so inspiring to me. You look fabulous! And these designs are incredible.

  12. You look really lovely! I wish I had the confidence that you do. All the little ones wearing their matching outfits are super adorable too! Looks like it was a lot of fun to attend :)

  13. I absolutely love the ruffles on the second dress of the children's show! Also, the shade of red used on the adult women's dresses is just beautiful.

  14. what a fun fashion show! love the pics of the kid models.

  15. This looks like a great fashion show. There are so much mazing and unique designs! I love them all especially the gowns.

  16. Wow, those new outfit collections are really beautiful and watching this fashion show looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Glad you were there to witness this amazing fashion show. Each collection is stunning. Wish I could experience watching this too.

  18. Quite the selection of outfits. Realistically, the one you wore would be a go to for me. I am not sure that I can pull off the gowns personally. Great job!

  19. I would love to see this kind of show. Nice and stunning dresses so fantastic!

  20. This is such a fun event! All of the outfits are so beautiful! I am so jealous!

  21. How fun that there were clothes for adults AND kids! The dresses are absolutely stunning!

  22. The fashion looks awesome but I was unable to read the post. I did not see a translate option.

  23. These shows look marvelous! And how chic was your outfit!

  24. What elegant and beautiful designs! This is quite a fashion show!

  25. Love all of the outfits on the show. Very cute and elegant styles.

  26. Wow! How glamurous! Those mom/kid combinations are the best! And you look amazing as well.

  27. How exciting is this! I've never been to a fashion show before - but it looks like it's perfect for anyone interested in up and coming trends! x


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