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MBFWRussia, Nikolay Legenda and Alena Nega

Second day of MBFWRussia, such a blast! I met with many fashion people I missed so much and seen two beautiful collections. Nothing beats that! It started with elegant and formal show by Alena Nega. Opened with breathtaking opera diva Daria Davidova (who also modeled the best dress in the collection in my opinion). It was fascinating being backstage as well, so much to glimpse before the actual grand result. love it. I do think I need more formal wear in my life. and more gold too.

Second show is a long favorite of mine. A huge contrast with the first: a very casual, wearable and edgy show by Nikolay Legenda. I want to wear those jackets right now. And this flowing dress on the first photo feels perfect to me to wear right now. Do you like futuristic casual?

MBFWRussia, Julia Dalakian

I am so happy that despite all the rumors Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia happened. I didn't know if it happens or not at all and I did hope it would. As much as online fashion is comfortable nothing beats offline fashion. I just came back from actual fashion show by Julia Dalakian and I say it again and again: sitting or standing next to the catwalk is not the same as watching from your screen. RU: я так рада, что несмотря на циркулирующий слухи Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia произошла. Я не была уверена до последного и просто надеялась. Конечно, онлайн удобен, но это и даже близко не то, что показ мод вживую. Я только вернулась с показала Юлии Далакян, и не устаю повторять: быть рядом с подиумом совсем не то же самое, что видеть это на экране своего компьютера.
It is not my first and it is not my last fashion show by this designer. Julia Dalakian stole my years back when I just walked in there not knowing what to expect. The time was right for me and I vividly remember looki…