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Krakow for a day

I hope you are as excited with both Lunar New Year (Hello sweet Rat!) and weekend as I am. I don't have an extra outfit post for you but I have a little extra from my trip last December so I offer you to spend this Friday on a trip to Polish Krakow with me.
Krakow was a totally unexpected yet a very happy trip. We got to see a friend of mine who now resides there and I haven't seen him for years! It was so much fun walking around the cozy Krakow with him. A pure joy! It is pretty exciting to see the city from perspective of a person who lives here for over a year. He is familiar with locations but has a fresh eye still.

As always during mid-season I tend to wear warmer clothes than I would normally need. Big scarf is a big hack of mine as it could be used in different ways to wrap around and feel warmer. Gloves and hat are must for me as well as I tend to freeze in this parts easily. I'd probably pick something without heels for shoes but unfortunately I didn't have much choice shoe-wise.

I know this post is never complete without some pretty sightseeing photos!

I was wearing:
Hand knitted scarf (I made it myself!)
Uniqlo coat and jeans
Mark's and Spencer's hat
Jil Sander shoes
c/o iGlasseshop glasses


Have a nice day,

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  1. I haven’t seen your posts in a while so this was refreshing. However, I’ve gotten used to seeing you modeling your own outfit. The pictures of you were kind of small but I did like the scarf you made ☺️

  2. This is quite a trip! I would love to visit Krakow! So many things to learn and experience. Love your pictures!

  3. Kraków is beautiful! You took some wonderful photos that really showcased the city. I love when I have friends visit Toronto — showing them around makes me look at my home with fresh eyes.

  4. Happy Lunar New Year!! Can't wait to see your outfit. Wow, Krakow looks like so much fun. Looks like you had a great outing.

  5. Great photos of Krakow. I love the architecture. Your scarf is really nice too. So colorful!

  6. I really love it when I get to see another place through the eyes of a blog. I learn more without having to visit though sometimes I end up wanting to see it in person.

  7. I'm glad you went on this trip to meet up with your friend. Krakow looks like such a beautiful city. The buildings are gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous photos as always girl! And your outfit was perfect for this trip. It looks comfy and stylish!

  9. I love love love your hand knitted scarf! So nice looking. It looks like you had a blast on your trip to Polish Krakow. Enjoy.

  10. Krakow is beautiful and your pictures never disappoint. My girls are always jealous of your outfits. I told them one day, you can travel the world too and model fantastic clothes!

  11. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog. It's always njce knowing more about a certain place, just by reading someone who has a great experience about it.

  12. There are often cheap flights to Krakow from my city and I've been thinking about booking a weekend trip! The architecture is stunning.

  13. Krakow is a lovely city! I know I appreciated its charm when I visited. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and experience! Love the scarf!

  14. Krakow is beautiful. The buildings are so majestic. So much fine detail in their architecture design. I am glad your friend took you to all these wonderful sights.

  15. You made the scarf yourself - so cool! And so pretty! Krakow is a beautiful city - I've never been there but your lovely pictures make me want to add it to my list!

  16. It is one of my bucket list to visit Poland. I like your detailed pics on Krakow and it seems so historic and beautiful with wonderful architecture. Thanks for this. Are you branching out into travelling. I always looked forward to your fashion writeups. Jerry Godinho

    1. No I'm always a fashion girl. It's just I didn't have a proper fashion material but I wanted an update so I decided to share my latest trip

  17. Krakow looks beautiful and is in a country I am yet to visit. The lovely pictures you have shared makes me want to visit soon.

  18. Your outfit looks great, both stylish and super cozy in the cooler temperatures. I love that you were able to check out Krakow with your friend as that is such a great way to get a little 'insider's perspective' of the area.

  19. Love your outfit. Krakow looks a bit like disneyland with the castle like buildings.

  20. Beautiful place to visit, and I think your outfit looks great that scarf you made looks fantastic. It seems like you had a wonderful time and I enjoyed looking through the photos you took.

  21. I heard that Krakow is an amazing place and your post just confirms this! Pictures look stunning as well, thanks for sharing this, should visit it one day!

  22. Este lugar é lindo, aproveite esse tempo.

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