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CPM, part 2

CPM marks the start of fashion season and it definitely helps me to keep myself together a little more. I enjoy looking through the fashion shows and it's easy to follow it. Excellent organization, smart timing makes it the perfect start to me. After I visited CPM I feel very motivated and prepped.
Normally I write two posts about: one with catwalk fashion shows with latest trend and other with lingerie, home and swimwear. But as I have been very put this season with my posting I actually  have an extra catwalk fashionshow to add to my lingerie experience. I hope you don't mind mixing things.

here are photos from lovely Lingerie, home and swimwear fashion show:

And here are CPM selected fashion show. Stunning pieces!

Moscow Birthday

I enjoy Moscow. I love the city, it is vibrant, happy and beautiful. There is so much special about it! During the weekend Moscow was more and more beautiful, so very exciting and shiny. What could you ask of a birthday girl. It's funny we call the Day of Moscow a Birthday. If you were local would definitely feel why. I loved everything about the weekend. The main event of a day of me and my husband was a run: we ran around Tsvetnoy Boulevard. I chose a very simple outfit and my favorite denim dress. Simple, easy and enjoyable. Slippers for the win too.

Hope your weekend is going lovely! Talk to me!
 I don't know who this fellow is but it's just so very pretty! awww!

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Touch the lace

New week is always exciting as well as weekend. I am looking forward the next week even though I am a little sad with it. My husband is leaving for work so I'll spend almost 10 days without him. It is the longest time we ever been apart from the beginning of our relationship. I practically feel incomplete without him by my side. But long story short I will have a moment to explore myself and will take it as experience. This weekend for us is filled with celebration on the streets as the first weekend of fall marks Birthday of our city of Moscow. To celebrated we took part in charity run supporting the school for people with vision problems. Having half-blind dog and husband with past eye problems it feels like the only possible choice. To celebrate the cause and generally inspire you more today I have chosen the best material to touch. Today theme is lace and I am going to show you the best lace dresses I have found online. To do so I headed to Yesbabyonline. Highly rec…

CPM, opening

CPM always marks the start of the fashion season in Moscow. It is huge fair (the biggest fashion related in Eastern Europe) filled with everything you need to know about fashion next season. I am always thrilled to visit the opening, it does feel special. I love looking though trend they have here especially since it's an unique option for me of seeing most of fashion trends in one place: casual, formal, home and body, men wear - all in one. There wasn't any kid fashion this time but it feels ok as kids will be later on for me. This year I was delighted to check out more of body and swim options, I am so not ready to say goodbye to my swimsuits just yet.

one of my personal favorite to wear brand Akhmadullina Dreams (I am a huge fan of their dresses and wear it all the time) presented the collection as the first brand for the opening. I was so happy to watch it.