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Bikini Bomb

I am on vacation now! I do hope I don’t only enjoy cycling which I hope I do because I am cycling anyway. Riding around the Bodensee seeing beautiful towns, beaches, boats and generally lake all the time is making me happy or at least it should make me feel that way. And having my hopes up for some after cycling sweat swim I am posting my bikini shots this year. Way too few for my liking but I hope I’ll still have some bikini photos this year.


Have a nice day,

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  1. Great bikini styles, you look lovely. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. that looks so lovely, what a fun bikini in that last pic too! Enjoy your holiday :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. lovely bikinis!

  4. Lovely photos!
    Have a great vacation ♥


  5. Beautiful photos. Great bikinis too.

  6. Beautiful photos! This looks relaxing! Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy your vacation. Don't forget your sunscreen.

  8. Great pictures and story. Wonderful ambiance you have around you there.

  9. Looks like an amazing vacation! I can’t wait to read more when you return. I love your bikinis because they’re stylish. Too many times they all look the same, too small, not covering anything, and have no real style. I love that yours have personality and they are definitely you!

  10. Great pictures and as always I love the water. Hope you are having a great time. Good to see you so relaxed and beautiful. Best wishes.

  11. lol, the toe photo!! I love the bikinis especially, the yellow one!! I'd like to find one like that for next summer!

  12. All of them looks good on you! 👌 But i personally liked the yellow one a lot! :)

  13. The idea of cycling or running during vacations is my kind of vacation! It looks like you had a blast!


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