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MFW, final day: Svetlana Evstigneeva

ENG: My final day of MFW! It was my most exciting day and even a little bit of bitterness from Moscow Fashion Week coming to an end didn't spoil it all for me. The show of Svetlana Evstigneeva was so good I decided to make a separate post for it! So the post for today is fully dedicated to the most beautiful show of all MFW in my eyes. Wedding and formal dresses, charming accessories, fantastic flowers and makeup - all of that combined to bring you the best possible combo ever. I highly suggest you to just watch.
Русский перевод под изображением.

RU: Последний день Недели Моды в Москве! Дня меня он оказался самым ярким и волнующим, так, что даже небольшая горечь от того, что MFW кончается не смогла оттенить моей радости. Показ Светланы Евстигнеевой был настолько прекрасен, что я решила выделить для него отдельный пост. Таким образом публикация, которую вы сейчас читаете, будет полностью посвяжена самому красивому показу в рамках Недели Моды в Москве по моему скромному мнению. Свадебные и вечрение платья, прекрасные аксессуары, прекрасные цветы и макияж - весь комплекс красоты сделал это модное шоу Светланы Евстигнеевой идеальным. Я считаю, что слова тут излишни, давайте просто полюбуемся.

P.S. ENG:You will see more about my outfit both details and photos in my next post very soon!
RU: О моём образе я поговрю в следующей публикации подробнее.
P.P.S. ENG: Thanking the brand for invitation and the most sweet gifts/ I am thrilled and delighted you wanted me to see this.
RU: Выражаю отдельную большую благодарность бренду за предоставленные подарки и приглашение на показ. Мне было очень приятно, спасибо за оказанное доверие.

Have a nice day,

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  1. You seem so immersed in that fashion life. It's really cool to see what you share with us. I dig it.

  2. I love everything everything you post. This was great too. I loved the costumes.

  3. These are beautiful looks! look out Paris Moscow is coming for you!

  4. What interesting fashion forward runway shows! Looks like a lot of fun!

  5. The style is so gorgeous!!! Wow!!! You must have enjoyed it a lot!

  6. I always love your posts :) So many beautiful dresses and clothes. The flowing fabric is lovely.

  7. Those outfits are just too gorgeous! I soo badly want to buy all of them

  8. I love reading about all of these different fashion shows and finding out about your experiences. The outfits are always lovely. Thank you for sharing this all with us :)

  9. What beautiful clothing in this show, especially the bridalwear! I'd love to visit a fashion show one day.

  10. I really like those collections they are so beautiful, classy and elegant. It must be a very enjoyable fashion show to watch.

  11. So beautiful show! The dresses look amazing x


  12. I love the beautifully intricate embroidery on some of these pieces! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  13. The final day looked amazing! I am so glad you covered this event and shared so many amazing things with me!

  14. It's refreshing to see someone so passionate and sincere about what they are experiencing. These are beautiful pictures.

  15. It's crazy that by just adding one piece, you can completely change the look of an outfit. These are beautiful.

  16. these dresses are amazing! i love the use of color

  17. The diversity is wonderful. There are so many different looks for different occasions. They are all beautiful!

  18. Whoa. I love the red one! Tho all gowns look totally amazing!

  19. !!!I love the red one!

  20. I would love to go to a fashion show, there are some beautiful designs there

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