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Snow and more snow in warm hat

It's finally snowing here. I actually have mixed feelings about this. Well it's season appropriate and I could go and ski (which I plan on doing tomorrow) but at the same time... I don't like cold and prefer to stay as warm as possible. Less than 10 is actually cold to me so  you might already get my feelings about below zero. But even in cold time there are some positives moments. For example clothes. Blog super warm coats, funny hats, cozy gloves and fluffy scarves. Today I want to share with you my super casual look, something I wore to hang out with friends and do some shopping. I have chosen extra warm Monki coat (I was half expecting cold to finally wear it properly) and my new hat from Rosegal. It's sooo warm! I love the pompom a lot it makes me feel funny. It's also uniquely designed with it's back part being longer than front. It makes the hat even warmer! The hat is so cool I could make tons of A++ reviews for it! Also you know I LOVE Rosegal and it's always a pleasure to me to shop there. I am actually stick to wearing it full time now. If you happen to see this hat on Moscow streets it's me.

Also it's almost February which means it is almost time to shop for Valentine's gifts! Make sure to stand out and give your loved ones the best of the best also from Rosegal.

I was wearing:
c/o Rosegal beanie
gloves knitten by my hubby's late grandmother
Monki coat
Zara skirt
Forever21 sweater
c/o Stylebest backpack

Have a nice day,

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  1. I share your sentiments! Hate the cold, love the fashion! Super cute pictures xoxo

  2. I love this grey plaid skirt! Great styling altogether. Beautiful coat and hat.
    It didn't snow here this year, but I usually have mixed feelings about snow.

  3. I am loving your whole style on this post and what makes it stand out is the art in the background.

  4. These pictures are amazing! It's so hard for me to imagine what it's like to live in a location where it snows.

  5. Oh I really love your style! You are absolutely rocking that outfit and look very chic but very cosy and warm at the same time. Looking good girl!

  6. Amazing look and pics! I love your pleated skirt and your checked coat!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Beautiful coat!!

  8. Крутое пальто! Граффити невероятное!

    Blog: Witty Sweety
    Instagram: @witty_sweety

  9. I love your little photo shoot at the end. Those poses are super cute

  10. Amazing Coat, it suits you beautiful. :)
    The Pics are fantastic <3


  11. Your plaid coat is super!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. I hear you! I love the snow, but I'm much happier watching it from the warmth of my front room through the window! I love your hat though. In fact, I love your whole outfit. Pure style!

  13. Super cute pictures! Glad you are enjoying the snow.

  14. I love this jacket, it's so cute. I love the sunshine, not a big fan of the cold. But, sometimes playing in the snow can be fun!! I hope you enjoy skiing if you go :)) xx

    1. I did, thank you! it' was awesome!
      Snow is fun but for a very limited period. As far as I know most part of Scotland has it from time to time. week or two a year is enough for me

  15. Oh my gosh! I’m absolutely loving everything about your super cute outfit and especially that adorable coat.... I live somewhere I never really see “winter” so I’m jealous of the snow there LOL :) ( Phoenix) Shell

  16. This checked coat is so pretty, love it! Beautiful look =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

  17. What a lovely coat, I love the checked pattern. You look so cosy and snug in your hat too!

  18. In this outfit with pretty hat you seem to be enjoying lot your chill weather. Your hat looks warm and stylish, suits so well on you.

  19. For me, a fresh snowfall maintains an almost supernatural power that calms me down like body, mind, and soul. Here's a quote from this famous author Novala Takemoto on this," Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity."
    From: Calleigh

  20. I'm becoming less of a snow gal myself. I'm pretty happy around 75 degrees, but that hat is so cute it could make me enjoy winter a little more. I love your special knitted mittens, too!

  21. I have similar mixed feelings when it comes to snow as well. Looks like you found a way to look stylish while staying warm. I hope you enjoyed your ski outing!

  22. You look like you were thoroughly enjoying yourself. I also love the mural behind you... poor fishy!

  23. The checks coat is pure love..i have never lived in snowy regions but this sounds so dreamy and cold..stay warm! Your poses are adorable!

  24. Lovely post. You look great in your winter attire.

  25. That hat is super cute and looks so warm. I like it. Perfect for the winter season.

  26. You are so cute in your warm hat and your outfit looks so cozy. I love seeing those beautiful photos.

  27. You look so pretty, the coat and the hat are so cute. I like the while winter look, so chic and classic at the same time.

  28. I love that coat. It looks so warm and perfect for the cold weather that I've been having.

  29. I love the coat I bought something similar.



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