November 21, 2016

If I were in that shoes...

White Wedding Dresses
Do you love shoes? I'm sure you like shoes because there's no way you can avoid wearing shoes. As winter approaches (no matter how much I love Christmas) shoes are getting more and more dull. And no matter how deeply I love pumps, heels and things like that in Moscow reality is different. That's why I try my best to keep my faith in beauty of shoes. But for sure there are beautiful winter shoes (for example I love mine). But it doesn't matter I like pumps less and miss them dearly. That's exactly why today I've teamed up with amazing shop called Dressfashion to introduce you to this shop. Instead of finding my favorite (breaking own rules) I picked the pair of pumps I'd be so happy to wear with my upcoming outfit. (if only I could). here it is:
And for sure those shoes for my dreams do need a fancy evening dress. I picked 5 awesome items in the same shop to complete the look.

  This might meed some additional black accessory but I love the idea of 'muting' the look.

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think in comments!

Have a nice day,

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