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Spring Sunnies

Spring is amazing! For me one of the important moments is wearing sunnies again. During winter which are usually more or less grim here I don't wear any sun glasses. It was fortunate for me to collaborate with wonderful sunglasses brand Freyrs in early spring. This is the first post regarding their amazing products where I did a quick review of all of them. Here are my 4 wonderful models which you will definitely see a lot in the upcoming posts. RU:  Весна прекрасна! Для меня важной частью её наступления - это возможность снова носить солнечные очки. Во время зимы, которая более или менее мрачная здесь, я не ношу солнечнее очки. Поэтому для меня было крайней удачей сотрудничать с замечательной компанией Freyrs ранней весной. Это первый пост об их замечательных аксессуарах, в котором я сделала быстрый обзор их всех. И вот 4 моих потрясающих модели, которые увидите снова и снова в моих следующих публикациях. I was wearing: Freyrs sunglasses Top

St. Paddy's

Every year Max and I do our bests to take part in St. Patrick's parade in Moscow. I do love this holiday mostly because it's fun and there are very clear way to celebrate it. Plus Ireland is awesome. This year I slightly change my regular green look thanks to more green items in closet and took our Alpaca toy (which is green) with us. Alpaca Don had a blast although he was constantly called a sheep, lama and even a dog (!). Here  are  some  shots from the event: RU: Каждый год Макс и я стараемся принять участие в  падре  в честь  праздника  день Святого Патрика в Москве. Я на самом деле люблю этот праздник, потому что он веселый, и мне понятно как именно его отмечать. Плюс, Ирландия очаровательная страна. В этом  году  несколько изменила мой обычный зеленый наряд благодаря увеличению количества зеленых вещей в моём гардеробе. И мы взяли с собой игрушечную  альпаку (она зеленая). Альпака Дон был в центре внимания, хотя и называли его овцой, ламой и даже собачкой (!). А

Wear it once, wear it twice.

Need more inspiration? My answer always is 'yes'. This time I want to show you more formal wear themed as prom dresses 2015 . Prom dresses are wonderful because of two  options: they are funner then usual cocktail dresses, there are more wearable in day to day life. That's why for me checking room dresses online are a great source of inspiration, a moment when I start thinking about clothes more closely. It's very fun to change the formal looks into regular wear in your brain from time to time. I was very happy when wonderful shop from PromTimes asked to write something about their charming dresses. There are so many cute dresses so I simply couldn't pick several of them to show. That's why I limited myself to dresses I easily see worn not during the prom or any formal event. Surely you'll need jackets, blazers, unusual shoes to make it work. This dress is not only charming formal enough it's very easy to wear. I love the glitter here, it makes the d

Who's gonna be next?

I rarely talk about any upcoming collections and dislike rumors at all. But there is still some interest in upcoming fashion events or moments. But have you ever heard me talking about fashion collections? You don't have to double check that because - no, I didn't like ever. But talking about new collections I often think about collars between the high end designers and mass market. Why? Because I often buy famous designers for clothes I like and will wear for a log time so it's usually something more or less classic. When it goes for some new trends or trends I'm not certain about - it always is mass market.Talking about collaborations with mass market what we think of at first is reduced price so you can actually buy something of style you like and what is more important of some very particular style which you are not sure of. Talking about that I immediately think of H&M and Versace collaboration . Well, H&M is known for making making collections with famous

Spring wishlist

Everybody has wish lists and so do I. Usually I use in shop options and keep it  kinda  private but this time I wanted to change my usual inspiration post with unusual wishlist post. Spring is just here and we need to refresh our closet with new stuff. R ecently  I've  received  my new sunnies (and I'll show them pretty soon. but if you follow me on Instagram  you've already seen them) but that's too few. Now I wan to show you both my wishlist for spring and my fave items from  various  categories from the shop called Dresslink . Let me be short - there are fashionable items you can't live with during spring: This shot from the shop is perfect but I wanted to  highlight  the plaid shirt. I'm such a sucker for this style! Bright skirt. A-line. Around the knee. A hit! Casual top with pretty design to wear everyday. A date-dress. Can be nicely styled with jacket, blazers etc. Do I need to add something extra? I was listing: fashionably needed it

Spring is in the air!

Spring is back and you can not only feel it here in Moscow but also see. People started wearing lighter clothes and so did I. For me the best for spring is wearing skirts. I tend to wear dresses and skirts all the time during the spring so I have to stop myself from wearing it too often because well... it's not always practical. This post is short but... do you really need more? RU: Весна вернулась, и это можно не только почувствовать, но и увидеть своими глазами тут в Москве. Люди начали носить более лёгкую одежду равно как и я. Для меня самое лучшее весной - носить юбки. Мне лично хочется постоянно носить платья и юбки весной, так что мне приходиться останавливать саму себя и не носить их так часто потому что... это далеко не всегда практично. Это сообщение короткое, однако... нужно ли вам действительно больше слов от меня? I was wearing: Jeffrey Campbell shoes Diesel denim jacket Skirt from Scotland   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Traveling is often about spending money

While searching for new ways to manage my money while traveling I stumbled upon Xapo . And first of all I thought how cool is that to use it during the travels. Interested to know more? Yeah me too. I'll explain everything very soon! Xapo is a facilitator of  bitcoin wallets  and storage — a means of digital currency (or cryptocurrency), they make it easier to save, spend, and transfer bitcoins from the convenience of your phone. So with a bitcoin wallet, you can purchase items internationally without worrying about exchange rates or fees. That's actually superb! Planning my trip I most likely think about this option and will share this thoughts with you. Max and I are planning our next trip. So far I keep the destination secret but there are few things which are better than planning the trip, places to visit, hotels to stay etc. But do you plan the money issues? Probably you have some budget. I have a friend who has a special credit card for travels not to overspent (it is so