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Maldivian relax

I wish I was having my vacations now! I mean right now. Being in the cold Moscow after 8 precious days in Maldives... Stunning. Yes, answering your questions - it was one of the Maldivian islands I went to.
The dress I'm wearing on those shots is one of the most comfortable dresses I own. It's absolutely lightweight and perfect for hot weather. Sorry no more words, I just wish I were there now.


I was wearing:
Marc by Marc Jacobs dress


Have a nice day,

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  1. Great images, I love the sunset it's looking really beautiful..!

    Floral Nail Art

  2. true paradise!!!amazing photos!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Never been to Maldives...Looking at these photos I wish I were there now, too :)

  4. Oh i love the Maldives, we (me and my husband)spend our honeymoon there and it was amazing!!

    Knutsch N.

  5. Love this place, you're perfect and beautiful!!

  6. Wow!!!!!!! this is a paradise!!!!

  7. These photos are absolutely beautiful! So dreamy. Love your dress too.

  8. I totally understand why you miss the place.. it's spectacular! gosh and it's so hard to wait long months until something warmer finally arrives.. in Estonia the weather is freezing!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. Wow such a gorgeous place !!! Stunning photos dear ! xx

  10. THIS IS HEAVEN *__*

  11. Ahh, such breathtaking photos, I've always wanted to go to Maldives. My boss went and loved it, I am still going to put it on my list. Glad that you enjoyed your holiday. /Madison

  12. Ow, I also wish I was somewhere warm instead of freezing over here ;3
    x, Lara

  13. oh u are happy!!!
    cool pıctures

  14. Lyosha, must have been so heavenly! Thanks for sharing the photos, they all are amazing!! Kisses! xo

  15. Very nice pics. Great day.

  16. Fantastic photos! I'm jealous!
    You're tagged here

  17. How beautiful!

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  18. Picture perfect! No wonder you wish to be back to this paradise.

  19. Such a cool place for relaxation indeed my dear Lyosha!
    Happy weekend!

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  20. Прекрасные фотографии и замечательный отдых!

  21. Wow it's so beautiful there! Have a great time :)

  22. beautiful pictures dear! looks like you had fun! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  23. Soo beautiful! I love that dress too!


    Erin @

  24. foto meravigliose.....voglio ritornare alle maldive!!!!!

  25. You looking great. Beautiful pics.

  26. Bellissime foto (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo outfit sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  27. Ohhhh, so beautiful. I want to go. Right now.

  28. Очень красивые фотографии!! ))


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