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Fashion Futurum

Fashion Weeks is Russia are starting. This year the start is spectacular and unique in its way for me. I went to see the young talents on Fashion Futurum. Being a big lover and supporter of any new talents I took my time and spend a wonderful day enjoying the shows. I had lots of things planned for day (such as seeing a doctor for regular check up, going some sports and getting my nails done) and I even took a liberty of hanging out in the Museum of Moscow before the event. The weather was lovely and made long walks around which affected my outfit: not very light, a bit warm in fact and very comfortable. Simplistic - yes but sometimes that's all you need.
As for the shows my personal favorite was the first one by Sakina K. The hems are nice, I love black and combos and the catwalk was nice. I wouldn't say it's something very fresh in word of fashion but sure is wearable and comfy, something I would easily for for. With pleasure.

VK Talents x Futurum Moscow was pleasing. very nice semi-formal and formal dresses, a great add to any girl closet if you know what I mean.

SETI show was a pleasing me. I like the catwalk done by models, the materials and colors were very pleasing for my eyes, made me think of ecological matters.

Stay tuned for more exciting Russian Fashion Shows during Mercedes Benz fashion Week Russia and more. This fall is going to be HOT! and so far take another look on my casual outfit.

I was wearing:
H&M shirt
c/o Zaful jeans
Pakerson shoes
Calvin Klein bag
Diesel glasses
Monki avocado socks
belt I got from my Mom (it has a big story, my beautiful Mother bought it during the uni days but I started wearing on my first week of birth. I still have it and wear it often).
Tonic top, a part of my yoga uniform


Have a nice day,

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  1. I would love to attend an event like this one time as it would be so different to what I usually do! looks fun!

  2. great collections, thanks for sharing. I really like your outfit.

  3. Such a great event! I love your jeans!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. i hope you had a great time!

  5. I am sure it was quite an experience to attend and would love to go next year!

  6. I think attending a Fashion Week show would be fascinating. I am no fashionista by a long stretch, but the spectacle would be fun.

  7. Would be great to attend an event such as this - what fun. Some beautiful fashion!

  8. How come you started wearing the belt from the first week of your birth?...Really curious

  9. I need to go a fashion show at least once in my life. Looks like it's so much fun and you get to see new ideas.

  10. Wow! Amazing event and love your post. I am always searching fashion article to read. Love your style too. Keep up the good work.

  11. Such a great event. I would love to attend an event like this one time , however I really like your outfit...

  12. Looks like an amazing fashion show! I can't wait to see what the rest of fashion week has in store!

  13. What an exciting time! So many beautiful designs on the runway. And I love what you wore! Those distressed jeans are perfection.

  14. Love this collection and pictures and phenomenal to see. Hope you had fun at the event.

  15. Kristine Nicole AlessandraOct 14, 2018, 6:47:00 PM

    Wow, that looks like a nice fashion show event and those collections are beautiful.

  16. Glad to read about this post! Hope you had fun at the event.

  17. Whoa! some really unique looks here. Looked like a very fun and exciting event

  18. I used to model formalwear and wedding gowns, it's interesting to hear from those who come to the fashion shows! I'd love to go to a big fashion week in NY or another big city!

    1. it's a big dream of mine as well. I hope I can make it come true

  19. Looks like a great fashion show. Everyone looks great.

  20. well, i am not so much into fashion but that make sense to me.

  21. This looks like an amazing fashion show. I love the collections. Pretty and stlish.

  22. It was a great fashion show. The clothes are really fabulous. I oove the trend and mix.

  23. It looked like a lot of fun. I loved the white coat one of the models was wearing.

  24. There were a nice collection of semi formal and formal dresses on the fashion show. I also like the causal ones. It looks that you've had an amazing day.

  25. Loved the collections. I’ve never been to a fashion show but always wanted to attend NY Fashion week

  26. Your outfit choice for the event. I love how this fashion show has very wearable clothes.

  27. These are all great looks. I have always wanted to attend a fashion show, I think it would be a lot of fun. It looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing!

  28. Interesting collection! Fashion shows are always fun and inspiring. Especially seeing brands from another country. Thanks for sharing

  29. Yay! I love it that you are reporting the fashion shows in Russia again! I loved it last season, and this one looks so futuristic!

  30. Simple really is nice sometimes. I think a fashion show would be awesome to see in person.

  31. It's nice to attend these fashion shows. Sometimes, however, the outfits are not very wearable and practical.

  32. I would love to attend events like these. Such amazing outfits.


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