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MBFWRussia day 5

I rock! It's the same week as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week finished and I am finishing the post series. Super excited about that! The final day sure was very pleasing to me. I went to see only one show that day but as I remember from last season this show was supposed to be super exciting. And I wasn't mistaken. This time a part of Rebel School super talented designer Bakhtin presented a stunning collection! Very edgy, nostalgic and chic. What to know something even cooler? It is both males and female and I am personally super excited about that fact and number of mixed gender fashion shows on MBFWRussia lately.
Highlights from Bakhtin fashion show:

As for my outfit... I wanted to look a big edgy and rough to match the spirit of the show. I hope I succeeded. Sorry for wearing my yoga top again, I just love it so much! Skirt is by Russian designer Mari Axel who unfortunately stopped making new collections. Super comfy boots with bonus story: they look a lot like once I chose for…

Warmer inspiration Saturday!

Never mind the Fashion Events around I try to stick to my habits. I think it's always for the better. So today I want to give some inspiration. It feels awesome to stick to traditions so no matter how busy I am I still want to inspire you for something better. Weather is changing here in Moscow and it's time to say good bye to warm days. It's been a great time, to have +20 during the day in mid October. I am absolutely happy about time we had but it's time to move on. To move on to something warmer. Yeah, baby, sweaters, cardigans, pullovers and others are waiting for you! Today I teamed up new to me online store Luvyle to inspire you the fullest! There are a lot of options to get inspired from or to shop for but today I really want to stick to fall theme.
But it's not all. Do you remember Black friday is not that far? Time to start thinking about crazy Black Friday sales and getting some presents for Christmas (crazy, huh, time flies!). So let's make it prope…

MBFWRussia, day 4

One more day to be covered on my blog! It was the day I looked forward to. There was a fashion show by Nikolay Legenda. I closely follow the brand for the last two years and I like more and more each season. I do love the direction the designer is moving.  Second show I got to see that day was by Snezhana NYC. I looked through her designs in PopUpStore while waiting for fashion shows and was super excited what she will come up with. More excitement as it was collaboration with NVIDIA, the computer brand I put a lot of trust into.
The first show by time was one by Snezhana NYC. It is so wearable and chic. I'd say it's my perfect clothes for brunches and hanging out with friends. Black and green mix did leave a mark on my heart. Very nice men options, most of them made my husband want to shop. Extra bonuses for the most beautiful model cast I have ever personally seen.

Nikolay Legenda as I have already mentioned before is evolving to a direction I really like. So many fantastic…

5 Simple Yet Stunning Halloween Tips

5 Simple Yet Stunning Halloween Tips
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