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Popreal clothing cuteness overload!

I have an amazing time. My bestie is going to have a baby soon. I can't wait meet this little man! Surely when the baby shower is just around the corner and even more the long awaited moment of greeting a new person in this world everyone is thinking outfits. Yes there will be lots of useful gifts. Yes there will be lots of toys (too cute to leave it on the shelves). But no there is no way we could avoid clothes. After all it is a huge share of our everyday lives and mine in particular.
Recently online shopping for such tiny little clothing I came across Popreal shop. The have so many super cute options! I have spent couple of hours exploring the website and couldn't get enough it. Cuteness overload is garantied. Even though it is addictive and super duper cute I do recommend you to follow the link and see it for yourself.
There are tons of options but I loved the paired 'family look' outfits the most. Funny t-shirt never hurt nobody and a pair look as well. I might n…

Cycling Cyprus, part 1

It became some sort of tradition to post my travel outfit photos during my vacation. As you can guess I am on vacation now! I am super excited about it as I am making almost a month tour in Europe. Starting in Milan, Italy I'll use my bicycle to get to Belgium passing Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxembourg on my way. And while I am off I am showing you my trip of winter: Cyprus cycling.
As my current trip is a cycling trip as well I am showing you my cycling outfit as a first one.  The post is going to mixed in locations as I wore same cycling clothes several times.

I am pretty impressed with the lucky weather we had during our trip. The coldest day was +16 which is ideal for cycling. Some days we had over +25 and for that I wore cycling shorts (yay!) the beach photos are from Aphrodite's beach. The legendary shore is believed to be the first place Aphrodite put her foot at. Can't leave you without some views as well.

I was wearing:
cycling clothes c/o rosegal

Have a n…

Extreme inspiration

Do you remember me talking about insecurity in your own hair after a cut. (It was there if you are willing to read it or remind yourself my bad hair story). I bet you had your hair looking worse than you would want it to. If not... well I am happy for you. And a little envy. Anyway, I bet most of my readers had a least a day of that. And not to follow the steps of shiny bold people who obviously don't really care about their hair looks (Bruce Willis don't have a bad hair day for years now I am sure) we might want to have some backup plan. Surely depending on how bad it turns out you might end up with various answers. Wear a hot or a handband, go for hairdresser to make a hair do, something more or less permanent like dreads... or a wig. Yes as simple a it is. A wig is a great solution! I wouldn't recommend it for hot summer days but for rainy summer days - why not? Also it's great if your hair loose the temper in high humidity.
To prove you my thoughts I right I am…


Do you like yachts? Yachts are fantastic.  In fact any ships and boats are beautiful. Not long before my Father bought his first ever water transport and I am super happy and proud of him. It's not big but it's the beginning! Also it feels very different when you are not a tourist and you can even try to ride it yourself (with a help from captain who also happens to be your dad!)
Do you know what is also cool about this dream? Access to yacht events and yachts club! This is my report and photos from season opening in Royal Yacht Club Moscow. We had lots of fun letting ballons go in the air, listened to lecture and knew tons of stuff about yachts (perfect for people like me who doesn't know anything about the subject), ate cotton candy and drunk coffee and on top of all we sailed on a yacht! To make the experience even better we sailed on my fathers boat right after. So exciting and so different!
 My outfit is a little messed up because I had to constantly wear warming up …

Talking about hair

If you read my blog carefully you might remember or at least know couple of months ago I cut my hair. I mean I let my hairdresser cut my hair. I was so excited about it! I trust this fellow so much I waited over a month to set an appointment and even picked not most comfortable date to see him. That is how much I liked his job before. He was also excited to see me and get his hands on my hair. Can you imagine my distress when it went wrong. He did his best but we both are not happy with result. My hair looked bad messy and cut too short. Instead of complimenting my face and features it made me look odd. For over two months I barely took of my hat. I mean I did it only to sleep and work out. Yeah I was that insecure about my looks. I considered hair extensions and wigs. A part of me was ready to cute it even shorter to at least get rid of lack of hair on my right side. But I managed to live through this only using hats, caps and berets.  I just hope right now I wasn't way too open…

Piano sounds

This May is incredible in Moscow! It's super warm and I mostly wear shorts and tops. Super exciting! This outfit is from May the 1st. I wore one of my most favorite dresses paired with one of my favorite shoes. In fact I wore this two pieces together several times before already but there is always a room for improvisation. I actually love how very much different the outfits turned out to be. If you want to see other ways to wear click here and here

I wore this outfit for a date day and philharmonic. There was Grand Piano Competition in Moscow and I was very happy for listen to the first tour. I was so charmed! I'm not really into classic piano but this competition made me look very differently on this magnificent instrument,

I was wearing:
Viktoria Tretyak dress
thrifted shoes
c/o Zaful jacket
c/o Lo scarf socks Monki
Have a nice day, Lyosha

Конкурс FollowTheFabrika, являющийся важной частью столичного проекта #frommoscowwithlove от МКМТПП, вновь в поиске талантов для выхода на мировой fashion рынок.
2 июня 2018 года главный fashion-конкурс России проводит свой второй отборочный тур. В программе произойдут явные изменения. Преобразования будут и в условиях участия.
- «Наш конкурс это не просто конкуренция за титул, это возможность для новых брендов, дизайнеров заявить о себе во всеуслышание, а также утвердится на рынке и даже принять участие в неделях моды «A la Russe» по всему миру. Вне сомнения, это грандиозный опыт и мероприятие, предоставляющие большие перспективы», - комментирует создатель проекта, основатель агентства повышения статуса мероприятий Restar Agency Мария Резникова.
- «Правительство России и Правительство Москвы не так давно начали реализацию комплексной и многоцелевой программы по продвижению Российской моды и дизайна на международных рынках, используя для этого максимум доступных инст…


I have big news for today. Today is the day we call Victory day in Russia. The day when we remember about our grandparents who fought in World War II. But for me this day is called Victory Day for yet another reason. Today I run my first half-marathon ever. I am so happy and excited!
That's why I am sharing this post with you. It's not what I ran in obviously. And it's not from the run. I am a style blogger after all so I don't think my blog is fit for sweaty and tired me. But I still have something for you. A sporty look. It's actually my most favorite yoga uniform I tend to wear most of the classes. Yeah that comfy. And that's how I cheat not to change. Sporty chic look is what you have after.

Have a nice day, Lyosha