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CPM 30th expo

There are a lot of wonderful fashion events in Moscow. Smaller scale and the biggies like Fashion Week. But for me there is whole extra universe of events: big expo. Targeted more for pros they never fail to fullfill the need of seeing future fashion seasons. What are we going to wear? To answer that question lots of people work hard. I am very impressed with it always. And CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow is a jewel of them all. And what is even more impressive is that it was 30th CPM! 15 years, can you believe it, that’s huge! Today I’m sharing my grand opening experience and I assure you it was absolutely great! As always the collections selected covered almost any type of clothing collections you might need. So inspiring. Here are some of my favorite designs:
Русский перевод под изображением.

RU: в Москве проходит довольно большое количество разнокалиберных событий, связанных с миром моды, как камерных, так и таких больших как Неделя Моды. Но на мой взгляд существует …

Wfest 2018

As you know I am a long married woman. But I can't deny I love things wedding related: it's so much fun! Today I wanted to share my experience with the best ever wedding event in Moscow. It is WFest. I have attended it several times already (3 times to extact in 2016, 2017 and today). It never fails to impress! And it is also curios to watch trends pass by. Last year was all about the photobooths and this year they are all gone. One the bright side it was super easy to find yourself a perfect wedding cake this year. I bookmarked several places to buy a cake because you know it doesn't have to be a wedding cake to be good. But no wedding is complete without a bride as well as no wedding festival is complete without bridal fashion show. Or at least for me. As I have spent my day on WFest (and was super happy about it) I've seen two marvellous fashion shows: one from Lovyline & BeretkАh…!  , and the other was from YOO Studio
Русский перевод под изображением

 RU: Как …