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Fashionmia outerwear inspiration

Even now when I have my fashion weeks in progress I can’t leave you without regular posts. And as it is weekend it’s inspirational post. It gets colder and colder in Moscow and we have to wear more and more clothes. And no matter how hard we try it’s important to have a good quality and good looking winter outerwear. It’s not easy to find one even though it’s better to have some for different stylings and moments. I personally don’t believe in one coat to rule them all. Plus it’s hard to find a good looking flattering coat so you’ll naturally want to keep it longer. More reasons to have more coats? Boredom. Tiredness from same thing over and over again. I hope I got you convinced because today’s post is going to be about outerwear and coats in particular. The shop I am making this post today is a shop you know well enough it’s Fashionmia which in my opinion means quality and wide selection of styles. Here are my top three choices:
Lovely style. this coat will work nicely practically with any clothes and any occasion. Lovely! I also like grey shade.

I love the style of this coat! It looks a bit futuristic. The silhouette is very flattering it'll look lovely no matter what body type you have.
It's not dull - it's classic. Pretty all you should know about this style. I own a like coat, even coats as it reminds me of three of my coats. yes I live in cold country so I have to have many outerwear because wear some kind of coat most part of the year (it's even more shocking to think about 2017 as it was very uncomfortably cold). Trust you will love this coat.

Just in case I haven’t convinced you about the coats I recommend you trying different sections like dresses for women  on same Fashionmia. I am sure you will not regret it. Also if you are considering a new coat why don’t you look for a pretty dress to wear it with? Jump the link before as well.

See you next post!


Have a nice day,

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  1. Hi dear, I like all three coats, but my favorite is the last one!

    My Tester Mania

  2. Great selection darling, so lovely coats, like them!

    New post is on my blog! Hope you will visit me, Maleficent <3 *-*

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